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Swing Mechanic Lessons   |   Jaime Cevallos

  • Jaime Cevallos - the Swing Mechanic - offers local batting lessons for great rates.
  • Jaime Cevallos - The Swing Mechanic trains batters & is recognized by espn and other baseball professionals.
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Jaime "The Swing Mechanic" Cevallos

headshotcrop smallThe swing only takes one second to perform.  Yet isn’t given the respect it deserves.  Within the mechanics lies a huge, largely-untapped opportunity for hitters; even at the professional level.  This reward can be immediate and career changing.

Success in hitting is no longer limited to the naturally gifted.  Mechanics is the great equalizer.  I hope to get the opportunity to work with you.     Read More

Pricing & Scheduling for Private Lessons

Now you can improve your swing mechanics and see immediate results by signing up for one of my private hitting lessons.  Starting at $150 for one hour of personalized tutoring.  See what my Major League Players are learning!     About Lessons     Schedule A Lesson 

Location of Lessons

Lessons are given out of a private batting facility located out of Dublin, CA     Get Directions

Additional Swing Mechanic Products

Pick up a copy of my popular book, "Positional Hitting".     Learn More or Buy Now


Improve your swing mechanics naturally by picking up one of my specially designed MP30 or MP28 training bats.     Learn More or Buy Now